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Mayor and Police Chief Decide to Axe Colorado Springs Red Light Cameras

American Traffic Solutions (ATS) will have to pack up and leave yet another city by the end of 2011. This time it’s Colorado Springs, which is about 70 miles away from another ATS surveilled city, Denver, who is stuck with their cameras into 2012.

ATS, Redflex and their front men always parrot talking points about red light cameras “freeing” up police to go catch criminals. Never mind that most dangerous criminals are caught during routine traffic stops

However, Colorado Springs’ new Police Chief, Pete Carey, is seeing that this talking point has no basis in reality. His department has three dedicated personnel, including two sworn officers, spending all their time just working on the red light camera program.  By ending the program, he’ll actually be “freeing up the officers to catch criminals.”

Along with cutting out the red light camera racket, Carey is also ending the DUI checkpoint program, which was responsible for detaining 1,420 drivers in one September weekend alone, with only 8 of those turning into actual DUI suspects.

It appears that Colorado Springs new leadership may actually respect the public’s right to be secure against unreasonable and unwarranted searches and seizures, also known as the 4th amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Aside from the issues of poorly allocated resources, like sworn officers staring at photo tickets all day, the red light camera intersections had not seen any safety benefit. No surprises there based on the history of red light cameras across the world.

KRDO ABC 13 has more on this story:

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