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Chicago Police State Speed Camera Bill Signed Into Law; Gov Quinn Capitulates to Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel’s plan to turn Chicago into a network of spy cameras and turn his back on motorists and taxpayers just got a major boost today from Governor Pat Quinn.

Even though the so-called “Speed Camera Retrofitting” bill was opposed by major media outlets in Chicago and 9 out of 10 Illinois residents [report], Quinn retreated from pressure by Emanuel and signed the bill into law.

The 190 red light cameras in Chicago have all been authorized to be “upgraded” to also issue photo tickets based on speed. In a city with multiple intersections that have 2.5 second yellow light times, dangerously below federal minimum standards, don’t be surprised to see speed limits lowered or changed to confuse drivers in order to drive up revenue.

The new law also allows each municipality to set whatever guidelines they choose for what constitutes a speed violation, meaning that going 46 MPH in a 45 zone could get you a $100.00 fine, depending on where you’re being video-recorded by Redflex cameras.

In addition to the upgraded combo cameras, this law also allows for new speed cameras and mobile vans to be deployed, which could quickly turn 70% of the city into a surveillance zone, according to the text of the bill.

Mayor Emanuel is calling them “safety zones,” but what’s safe about expanding the operation of a company, Redflex, best known for fraud, employees driving their vans under the influence of alcohol, child pornography, unsafe workplaces and ignoring their own citations?

Governor Pat Quinn will quickly realize his mistake, but it will probably take at least a couple years to reverse course, as it did in Arizona, if the cameras start to be installed and retrofitted.

IL Governor Pat Quinn looks up at his new master, the speed camera.

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